Get your "Happy Hour Guidebooks" here at a discount, signed by the author herself! We also have cocktail-related art, fun bottle openers, glowing bottle lights, cute cozies, super-cool flasks, and all kinds of fun gifts you and your drinking buddies will love :-)

Happy Hour Fun

Owned by the Happy Hour Guidebook's author, Cindy Anderson

Everyone loves mermaids! We are always on the hunt to find the most beautiful of all to adorn your walls, shelves, or maybe your ears! We also have nautical goodies of all kinds -- it's like a specialty coastal shop, but right here in Portland!

All day long, people here exclaim. "Oh my gosh! How cute is that?!" and their friend says delightedly, "SO cute!!!" With the eye of an artist and highly trained shopper, Cindy selects only unique and well-designed items. Take a look at some sample products...

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Cutest gifts ever!

You'll find this cute little gem floating on the Columbia River off the shores of Hayden Island next door to the Island Cafe. Owned by Cindy Anderson, author of the "Portland Happy Hour Guidebook", this treasure trove hosts fun Happy Hour related gifts, happy and inspirational books and wall art, jewelry, all kinds of beach and nautical goodies, and of course, lots of mermaids!


Portland's Cutest Gift Shop -- That Floats!

Live happy!

The Happy Mermaid